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Inaugural HBC races at the CSRG Charity Challenge 2019

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Photo credit: CSRG & Historic Motor Prints

It was an absolutely amazing weekend for the inaugural Historic B & C Sedan races at Sonoma Raceway. Historic B & C Sedan wants to thank CSRG for welcoming us to their 2019 Charity Challenge event. A total of eighteen historic sedans took the stage in a Group 9 double header sprint.

The weekend was a fun filled event with an extremely diverse showing of historic sedans. Alfas, BMWs, Datsuns, and even a few 911s battled it out just like the days of yesteryear. Amongst these collection of historic machines were the ex-Frellsen championship winning 510, perennial winning ex-Norm Balzer 510, and the ex-Kwech/Theodorocopulos Alfa, ex-Hyde Park BMW 2002s, ex-Finn/Harris 510 that all raced in the original 1971 and 1972 2.5 Challenge Trans-Am Series.

The Saturday Qualifying Race saw Tim Brecht take first position by putting down a 1:57.84 in one of the three original ex-Hyde Park sponsored B-Sedan BMW 2002s. Jon Norman claimed second in his historic Trans-Am/B-Sedan 1971 Alfa GTV with a 1:58.44 that he has raced for over 45 years. Michael Reischl crossed start-finish in the final podium spot with a 1:47.65.

Sundays race finale saw an even closer contested battle with Jon Norman finishing first (1:58.36), Michael Reischl placing second (1:58.62), and Jim Froula taking the final podium spot in third (1:58.74).

Most important of all, the weekend was filled with friendly camaraderie! We look forward to a promising 2020 and future. For all those reading, we want your historic B and C sedans!

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