Inaugural Historic B & C-Sedan Race Weekend
2019 CSRG Charity Challenge
October 4-6, 2019

***A 20 car minimum will be required to deliver a dedicated HBC Sedan race group.***

The inaugural Historic B & C-Sedan race will be held at the ​scenic Sonoma Raceway. 

The Charity Challenge is the most exciting, bang for the buck, feel-good vintage racing event on the West Coast. Over the past five years it's grown at a phenomenal rate to the point where it's on every racer's short list. From the driver's gift at registration to the last checkered flag on Sunday, the Charity Challenge is a delight.


The Charity Challenge is more than a car event. It's an immersion into the type of road racing experience that people loved back in the 60s and earlier---only without the drawback of Port-a-Potties or spec cars with spec motors & drivers with the personality of dead grass. Instead, you get great cars, great racing and great people with a love of the sport to match your own. You will probably eat too much from the food and beverages available at the track, and be exhausted when it's over, but it's worth it. You just cannot do any better….

On Saturday all Race Groups have a qualifying session in the morning and a qualifying race in the afternoon. On Sunday morning there is another qualifying race, followed by a final race Sunday afternoon. As with the Love Memorial, you can participate in the Friday afternoon practice sessions for additional cost and receive three 15-minute track sessions in a slightly modified version of your weekend race group.

The feel-good aspect of the event comes from the money CSRG raises for the Sonoma Chapter of the Speedway Children's Charities through it's three-lap Track Rides for Charity program. The track rides consist of an out lap, a near-racing-speed lap and an in lap in one of the entered race cars. Last year we had everything from Can-Am cars to a Ferrari 250 GTO available for rides. We hope those of you with passenger seats and belts in your car will participate as well. The cost is tax deductible, both to the passenger and the car owner.


The Saturday night track dinner is a wonderful gathering of all the entrants, entrants' spouses, crews, corner workers, CSRG personnel and more. This is your chance to wind down, enjoy good food and wine and finally have the time for a conversation with your fellow motorheads. Sonoma has wonderful restaurants, but we're talking ambience and relaxation here. It is the place to dine in Sonoma over the Charity Challenge weekend!

Full Racing Members of CSRG who haven't renewed their membership for this year can renew at before completing their race entry.

CSRG Full Racing Member Entry Fee                                                                                                          $550

Single-event CSRG Membership Dues (Member for this event only)                                                          $75

Additional Car with same registered driver                                                                                                  $250 each car

Friday Testing                                                                                                                                               $175

Late Fee (entry received less than 14 days before event)                                                                           $50

Extra Gate Tickets (you get 4 tickets with your primary entry and 2 with each additional car entered)      $10 each

Please contact us directly if you would like to participate!

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